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About Us

Anju Agility is a fun, friendly class that was set up for everybody. We primarily want to show pet owners how to train and have fun with their dogs, as well as encouraging responsible dog ownership. Agility is fun, from Cockers to Collies, pet dogs to agility champions, Anju Agility caters for all.

Agility strengthens the bond between dog and handler, it has also helped many owners, with dogs that had previous behavioural problems, to over come these, the reason for this is because, although many dogs get a lot of physical exercise, most of them lack in mental exercise, which generally results in an unwanted behaviour, such as, chewing or barking etc. Agility helps to sort these problems out, as it is both physical and mental exercise for your dog.

At Anju Agility we work on reward based training. The reward can be what ever your dog likes, food, a toy or just a playtime with you. The reason that this method works so well is because, the training that you are giving your dog is just seen as one big game to him/her, therefore they learn a lot quicker and enjoy training! Infact the dogs that come to Anju Agility pull to come in and don’t want to leave as they are having so much fun.

As a club we have had many successes with dogs and handlers regularly competing at Crufts, Olympia, agility champions andgolds and silvers at the world events for Great Britain.

What is Anju?

Anju stands for………….


These are our fundamental rules of our club. Without joint understanding, you can not help your dog and your dog can not help you!