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Life skills classes

Life skills classes are for all ages, shapes and sizes!

As long as your dog is fully vaccinated we welcome you to come learn how to help and teach your canine buddy how to be a happy, well socialised and a well rounded friend.

A friendly, positive, motivating class run by a trainer with hands on experience with troubled dogs. The classes are designed to give you the knowledge and know how to understand your dog better to enable you to teach and control your dog around other dogs, kids and adults. Classes will build both you and your dogs confidence so you can face any situation or challenge you may face.


 What your dog will learn:

  • walk on the lead nicely

  • sit and down when told

  • stay and recall

  • how to meet and greet in the correct manner

  • as well as mental and physical games for your dog to increase his learning

  • and so much more

What you will get:

  • the skills to understand HOW to help your dog

  • ability to solve issues with positive methods

  • new training skills

  • meet like minded people

  • back up by email

These classes are a starting point to anybody hoping to do agility at a later stage.

For more details about next course dates  please call Leah on 07814562996 or mail