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I am very excited to announce that the amazing Team at Chuckling Goat are now sponsoring both myself and my dogs! Their products are amazing and will help keep both myself and the pups competing at the highest level! Please visit their page and see whatt you are missing in your life!

Here’s what they had to say:

Goats love dogs! We’d like to take National Puppy Day as the day to announce an exciting new project – Chuckling Goat is going to be pairing up with Chafford Agility Dogs! ( Leah Gardner of Anju Agility is a fantastic advocate for dogs – she rescues dogs from her mum’s rescue center, the marvelous Many Tears Dog Rescue, and then loves them up into agility champions who proudly compete on a national level. Chuckling Goat will be providing free doggy kefir combo packs to rescue dogs with difficult skin conditions at Many Tears, under the supervision of vet Joanna Evans Veterinary Acupuncture. We’re also going to be sponsoring Chafford Agility Dogs throughout their season this year, providing them with doggy kefir, doggy cleansing bars and doggy kefir lotion, (to get their skin in champion condition!) and following them through their events around the country. Agility season starts Easter weekend…goats are all very excited, getting their support banners ready. Woohoo! Go Team Chafford Agility Dogs!x Shann



So proud to announce that Theory and I have been selected to represent the United Kingdom in August in the Czech Republic at  IMCA Can’t wait!

I am pleased to announce the following people have been selected to represent the UK Team going out to the Czech Republic in August. I would like to congratulate them all and wish them (along with the PAWC team members) the best of luck and enjoyment of such a wonderful event.

Daniel Croxford & Bess – Individual & Team
Ryan Hennessy & Fizz – Individual & Team
Abby Blythe & Smartie – Individual & Team
Charlotte Louise Yeaman & Bella Individual & Team

Sammie Towe & Penny – Individual & Team
Katie Cusak & Ruby – Individual & Team
Jan Cooper & Riley – Individual & Team
Rachel Bunce & Trevor Individual & Team Res
Cameron Bunce & Jay – Individual & Team

Leah Gardner & Theory Individual & Team
Anthony Clarke & Protest Individual & Team
Mandy Melville-Love & Keeva Individual & Team
Hannah Payne & Cola Individual & Team
Daniel Croxford & Briar Individual & Team Res
Darren Stokes & Kruze Individual & Team Res

Once all PAWC team members have been confirmed and accepted by the organising committee I will post the details of the full PAWC TEAM.