the home of chafford agility dogs and Leah Gardner

The Dogs

Leah’s dogs: All of my dogs are rescue dogs from Many Tears Rescue -Please take time to visit their site and maybe find your next new star.

Chafford Hyper Connection – “Link” – Grade 6 with 2 wins to grade 7 before he retired at 11 yrs old

Black and White, Male, Born November 1999. Link is also a working sheep dog, he has a full on attitude to life! Link is my first agility dog, he was a great dog to learn from, but quite hard to handle a lot of the time.

He is a great dog who has also competed in Flyball and was 3rd in the overall league of Clever dogs.

A few of Links achievements include winning celebration gamblers, 2nd at Olympia final and two wins towards Grade 7.




Chaffords Herbal Illusion (“Herbie”) – Grade 7


Black and White, Male, Born 20-01-2003

Herbie is a working sheep dog, he is a compact and speedy little dog, full willing and always wanting to please! He is the easiest dog to live with, kind and loving, he is never far away.

Herbie went Senior in under a season, with no less than 8 Novice wins and 37 top 5 places, and achieved Advanced level in less than 4 months.
Herbie has had many successes including winning rescue dog of the year 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 6 years running in the Olympia final, Crufts, winning Individual Silver for Great Britain in Germany, at the European Opens 2008 and team gold at the World Agility opens 2011. Herbie Retired Nov 2013 at just short of 11 years old. At his last competition he won 2/4 classes and came 2nd in one of the others! He has let me achieve many of my dreams, and for that I can not thank him enough!!!!

Chaffords Demon Tweaks-”Hex”- Grade 6 with 3 wins to grade 7


Hex is a blue tri merle, Male born July 2007

Hex was given to me as a mauled, half dead, 2 week old puppy. His siblings had all been killed by a St Bernard youngster, playing tuggy with them. He consequently grew up with many issues. I worked hard with him and now have a super dog, always wanting to please.

Hex has achieved a lot in his short time competing, this includes twice making the final of the British Open Final, many wins, qualifying for Olympia semi final after 3 weeks of competing, Dogs in Need final and winning Rescue dog of the year 2010. In 2014 Hex went suddenly deaf, which he found very confusing so he has now been retired from agility and just loves life as a super cool pet dog!

Chaffords Chaos Theory-”Theory”-Grade 7


Theory is a black and white, working collie, male, born October 2009.

I hand raised Theory from 2 weeks old, along with his litter mates. They were very sick when I got them and needed nursing back to health. Theory has only just started competing, and has been great fun to train. He is a very driven, comical little dog, with a good future ahead of him!

He has had many wins taking him to grade 7 and seeing him compete 3 times at the Olympia Semi finals.





Chaffords Deep Down N Dirty-”Deep”-Grade 4


Deep is a poodle x yorkie x shihtzu, male born 1st feb 2012.

I Have hand-raised Deep from 1 hour old as he was not wanted after and cross mating. He is a very funny, smart and naughty lad. He uses his terrier wits a lot to try and out smart you!

He is starting to make a great agility dog winning 3 out of 4 classes at his last show taking him to grade 4.







Chaffords Jilted Generation (NAP)-”Fergus”-Grade 3


Fergus is a black and tan Australian Working Kelpie. Born May 2013.

He came from a puppy farm as an unsold pup who was going to be shot. He is a very loving, but very hyper pup. He is just learning all the equipment and is proving great fun to train!





Jason’s dogs:

Chaffords Happy Memories-”Shy”-Grade 6

Black and White, Female, Born 18-04-2000

Shy is a working sheep dog, who we hand raised from a day old! She is an amazing dog, she is a sweet, kind gentle dog, who turns into an agility addict when placed on the start line!

I competed Shy through Starters and she is now run by Jason (my husband). In 2005 he won 2 Novice agility classes, putting him and Shy Senior! She also qualified for the first ever Novice Olympia Semi Finals.

Shy is Links full sister (as a repeat mating), they are both rescues that were going to be destroyed.




Chaffords Prodigy – “Stihl“- Grade 7

Black and Tan, Kelpie, Female, Born 18/04/2005

“Stihl” is a Working Australian Kelpie.

Stihl is a whole new ball game, highly intelligent, extremely motivated and incredibly naughty!!!

Some of Stihls achievements are Qualifying for Olympia ABC Final 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, final of British Open, Dogs in Need Final three years running.